About Us

NEO Home Gym was created by workout lovers who wanted to do the exercise they wanted at any time.

Our goal is to help you exercise to save time and maximize your workout efficiency without loss.

We strives to recommend the most reliable of the many fitness equipment on the market.

Eating well is also part of workout. That’s why we’ve built a team that can give you nutritional advice as well as exercise.

All the content we published on this site has been written or overseen by a fitness technician or sports nutritionist.

Our Team

Steven Kim

Steven Kim

Steven likes reading books and working out. One of his dreams was to create his own bookshelf and workout space.

He experienced many failures as he encountered numerous exercise equipment on the market. Through this, he was able to understand the pros and cons of exercise equipment more than anyone else.

He first started building home gyms in 2016, and now he does most of his workouts at home gyms. He hates commercial gyms.

He founded NEO Home Gym because he wanted to share his experience with as many people as possible so they don’t fail.

Jane Ryu

Jane is a fitness trainer who studies the harmony between a healthy mind and a beautiful body.

She works as a personal training manager at a fitness center, teaching exercises that combine the benefits of yoga, pilates and suspension training.

Her goal is to help people free themselves from disease, pain and adversity through exercise.

"A healthy mind grows in a healthy body."
Jane Ryu

Derek Anderson

Derek Anderson

Derek has been working as a fitness equipment service technician since 2013 in gyms, hospitals, colleges, and apartment complexes.

He has an expert understanding of fitness equipment and works as an advisor for NEO Home Gym.

"I am happy to share my experience with this wonderful team."

Louisa Kirby

Louisa majored in Food and Nutrition at university. She did research on diabetes in graduate school, and then worked as a nutritionist at a university hospital for a year.

Now, she works as a nutrition counselor for members who work out at a fitness center.

She is also working out hard to give confidence to the members of the fitness center.

"I wanted to help people with both exercise and nutrition when taking care of their bodies."
Louisa Kirby

What do you do now?

If you’re here, maybe you want to build your own home gym or improve your fitness and health.

The good news is, we have prepared everything to help you achieve that so from here you can either:

As someone who likes to work out, I strongly recommend you to build your own home gym.

It’s time to free yourself from all of these things: gym costs, time to go to the gym, someone who’s been on the machine for a long time, and someone who sweats and doesn’t clean it.

We hope you enjoy the content we’ve been working hard on, and if you have any suggestions for a better NEO Home Gym, please feel free to contact us.

NEO Home Gym Team